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Edouard Drumont

drumontnews.jpgBorn in Paris, the only child of a low-level municipal employee, Drumont became France’s most famous proponent of anti-Semitism. Drumont was a minor journalist, best known for his nostalgic descriptions of “old” France and the “old” Paris of small shops and artisans, before he wrote his blockbuster drumont.jpgLa France Juive (1886). This 1200-page tome was to see many editions (at least one illustrated, as well as revised and abridged versions). He also wrote several “sequels” with titles like The End of the World and The Last Battle. In his journalism, he exploited the Panama Canal scandal, which involved bribery of government officials, by blaming it all on the Jews. He also was the leading anti-Dreyfusard. A lonely, aggressive man, he fought many duels with those he slandered. (Dueling was something of an occupational hazard for scandal-mongering journalists in fin-de-siècle Paris.)

He is still considered a hero by some. When I visited the Père Lachaise cemetery in 2007, there were fresh flowers on his grave.

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