The Blood of Lorraine by Barbara C Pope - Author Barbara Corrado Pope
The Blood of Lorraine by Barbara C. Pope

In the wake of the Dreyfus Affair, the murder of two Jews in Nancy reveals the darker side of human nature. Magistrate Bernard Martin has moved to the town of Nancy in Lorraine, France, along with his pregnant wife Clarie, who is as fervent about Republican ideals as her husband. They are not in Nancy long when an infant boy is found dead, his tiny body mutilated. The wet nurse and mother say that this was a case of “ritual sacrifice” by a “wandering tinker,” or Jew.


As Martin delves deeper into the different personalities surrounding the case, he struggles to reconcile his Republican beliefs with his growing knowledge of Nancy’s Jewish communities, all while balancing the racial tensions and politics within the courthouse. Meanwhile his beloved Clarie, now reeling from the death of her own child, seems to be falling prey to the propaganda being spewed throughout town, forcing Martin to acknowledge the frailties of the human psyche. Fearing a vigilante mob sparked by the scandal-mongering press, Bernard must unveil the murderers before Nancy experiences her own pogrom.

Anti-Semitism  The Dreyfus Affair  Jewish Identity The Rothschilds
Alfred Dreyfus
François Hemonet
Edouard Drumont
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